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Welcome to the Del Vecchio Family website. This site is dedicated to Philip J. Del Vecchio, Sr. who passed away on December 28th, 2001, in his 97th year on this planet that he loved so much. He left behind a rich legacy of family, friends and people who had never met him personally but were influenced by him and his contributions to the community. We're going to tell his story  on this website, along with that of the Del Vecchio family , of which he was such an important part,  in honor of who he was for all of us



Distinguished as Crusaders & Warriors, In A.D. 1293.

Le prime memorie dei Del Vecchio, si trovano nel Salernitano con un
Geromino che per le sue prodezze guerresche ebbe concesse molte
grazie e gradi di nobilita nel 1293.

Marco nel 1537, fu fatto nobile del Sacro Romano Impero. -- La casata
possedette parte della Contea di Celano in Abruzzo nel 1582.


As this website grows, you'll see contributions from the entire family, so that it will evolve into a living, dynamic tribute to what the love of two people, Phil and his wife Teresa, can create

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